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Excerpts from the
November 1982 booklet: 

Daniel Campbell &
Effie McLean
Descendants and
Other Connections

by Mayme Tyner and
Mayme Pearl Tyner

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 Campbell Family History
 Will Barnhill, Baker Florida
 Daniel Campbell of Skye Scotland
 History of Laurel Hill, Florida
 Josephine Baggett & John Campbell 
 Country Living in the early 1900s
 James Campbell 

Daniel Campbell of Scotland

From Newspaper Clipping found in Dorothy Drew Campbell Herzel's Memorabilia. Author and date unknown. Pensacola Newspaper?

One Daniel Campbell was born on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, in the year 1725; married Effie McInn in 1752. He moved to America, bringing his family, in time to serve as an American soldier during the Revolutionary War. 

He died on his birthday -- December 12, 1843 -- at the age of 118 years. His wife died the day previous to his death, and they were both buried the same day at the Sam Clary Cemetery, near Magnolia settlement. He and his wife had 94 years of married life together. 

They had six children. His son Peter Campbell married Christian McCaskill. To this union was born seven children: Margaret, Katie, Alexandria, Daniel, Sallie, and Allen.

The following item appeared in the "Pensacola Gazette" edition of: December 10, 1842.

"There now resides in Walton County, about 75 miles from this place (Pensacola), a man and wife whose united ages total 228 years. The old gentleman is Daniel Campbell. He was united to his present wife 94 years ago, on the Isle of Scotland. He emigrated to this country several years prior to the Revolutionary War, and was himself about 50 years old when the War broke out. There were no neutrals then, and as Mr. Campbell left his native country in consequence of the political troubles of 1745, he was prepared to take part with the Colonists against the House of Hanover.

 "He served thru nearly all of the Revolutionary War . . . He is now 117 and his wife is 112 years old."

 Allen Campbell married Amelia Clary, about (?) 1846. To them was born: Peter, Eliza, "Babe", Florida, William Allen (Bud), Rachel, Nancy, Richard (Dick), Clem, Mandy, and Daniel.

Allen Campbell died in 1911, at the age of 85, near Laurel Hill and was buried in the Sam Clary (Old Cedar Grove) Cemetery. His wife died when Daniel was a baby; she was buried in the Sam Clary Cemetery. 

Peter married Catherine George Children: Margaret, Leila, Alice, Pearl and Sumpter. 

Eliza married John Harrison. Children: Will, Bud, Amelia, Hugh, Ethel Lou, and Allen. 

"Babe" married Sam Fowler. Children: Angus, Allen, Zonie, Pearlie, and Nancy.

Florida married Monroe Richbourg. children: Will Allen.

William Allen (Bud) married Sarah Richbourg. Children: Fannie Lou, Alexandria, Margaret, Frank, Nell and Raleigh.

Rachel married James L. Richbourg. Children: Jeff, Allen, Kate, Richard and Pasco.

Nancy married J A Gaskin. Children: Allen and Alexandria.

Richard (Dick) married Annie Steele. Children: James and Amelia.

Clem married John Steele. Children: Phillip, Joseph, Naoma, Esther, Eunice, Ridley, Johnnie, Snowie, Bennie, and Rena.

Mandy married John Moore. Children: Cora, Allen, Lillian, Jimmie, Nancy, Birdie and Robert.

Daniel married Lizzie Steele. Children: Cortez, Allie Lee, Marie, Laurez, Allison and Ruth.



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