Laurel Hill Florida, Okaloosa County - est. 1905


Excerpts from the
November 1982 booklet: 

Daniel Campbell &
Effie McLean
Descendants and
Other Connections

by Mayme Tyner and
Mayme Pearl Tyner

Booklet Index

 Campbell Family History
 Will Barnhill, Baker Florida
 Daniel Campbell of Skye Scotland
 History of Laurel Hill, Florida
 Josephine Baggett & John Campbell 
 Country Living in the early 1900s
 James Campbell 



More and more people, than ever, since the beginning of History, being motivated either for patriotic, religious, pride or social reasons, are discovering the immense joy and satisfaction that accompanies even the smallest success in tracing his or her family roots. Many hours are subject to be expected with no information being located as well as thousands of miles traveled with but little success and varying degrees of expense. Most United States family roots have their beginnings on the eastern shores or coast of North America and followed by migrations into the wilderness accompanied by untold hardships. Many generations are able to trace their ancestors back to the European Countries of their origin.

The first American Census was in 1790 when only the heads of families were listed. It was not until the 1850 Census that all members of the family were listed by name, hence tracing onesí ancestors becomes quite arduous unless the researcher has some Christian names as well as surnames to trace back to their arrival in America. It has been customary, it appears, that succeeding generations have a tendency to use the same or similar Christian names which might be of some help tracing ancestry.

The purpose of this booklet is merely to put into printed form all of the pertinent information gleaned from available material by this author and preserve as much information as possible for posterity by including such living conditions, social customs, historic data of the local area as well as means of recreation along with some idea of lifeís hardships during some periods of time. There are many research guides and references available for research such as the Census records, old church records, cemetery records, old family Bibles and histories, military records, land grants, county deeds and marriage records, estate records, wills of probate courts as well as numerous other sources.. Many important records for posterity have been lost or destroyed by fire, wars, family feuds and jealousy. No attempt has been made to make this report exhaustive. Detailed information is being left to the discretion of anyone who wishes to pursue it.

Many miscellaneous records are being included in this offering that will, hopefully, be of value to someone. In this record of charts, the family blood line is always listed on the top line in each rectangle of the charts, thereby simplifying the following up of the successive generations. Most of the people named in this report have lived and died in Walton, Santa Rosa and Okaloosa (formerly a portion of Walton and Santa Rosa) Counties together with a small portion of South Alabama adjacent to the three counties.




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