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Excerpts from the
November 1982 booklet: 

Daniel Campbell &
Effie McLean
Descendants and
Other Connections

by Mayme Tyner and
Mayme Pearl Tyner

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 Campbell Family History
 Will Barnhill, Baker Florida
 Daniel Campbell of Skye Scotland
 History of Laurel Hill, Florida
 Josephine Baggett & John Campbell 
 Country Living in the early 1900s
 James Campbell 


James Campbell

Submitted by:  Miriam Keba Campbell

James Campbell, born November 26, 1890, married Pauline Polly Spears, born October 14, 1895. James is a rather small, slender, eager type of man with a great sense of humor. He followed public work in the forest with logging companies for a number of years, even going to Mississippi where he contacted some disease that almost cost him his life. He was a proficient skidder operator as well as having native mechanical ability to keep up the repair on the firm’s operating equipment. Later, he went with the L & N RR Company, Pensacola, FL, as an electrician, mechanic and heavy equipment operator where he was employed until his retirement in 197-. During World War II on many occasions, he worked numerous 24-hour shifts operating the coal triple which is a mechanical device for picking up and inverting the loaded coal cars. The contents were emptied into the hold of ships which were destined for the American Allies overseas.

James and Polly have four children, three daughters and one son. The children always came first in their lives even above their own relationships. They were extremely good parents and tried to instill in their children the virtues of thrift as well as the advantages of living a good but simple life.

A. Marie, born September 24, 1922, married Roy Cumby, born September 24, 1916, January 13, 1946. Marie was the dutiful daughter and always did what was expected of her. She has always been a lady but she discovered later in life that she could be herself and not be too attentive to what others expected of her. She attended Huntington College, majored in Home Economics and worked a few years prior to getting married. Roy Cumby was stationed in Pensacola in the Navy during World War II when Marie met him. After being married in Pensacola, Florida, they moved directly to High Point, North Carolina, where he worked and retired from the Post Office Department.

a. Patricia Lynn Cumby, b December 26, 1946, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, holding a Mater’s degree in Chemistry. She has a fantastic career with Monsanto Chemical Co., St. Louis, Missouri. Her job is to take the raw product and convert into salable product. She is divorced from Talmadge Clemens.

b. Diane Kay Cumby, b August 22, 1952, is married to Craig Skillman of North Carolina and they have two children. Kay graduated from the University of North Carolina in the field of Home Economics majoring in foods. She is currently Chief Dietitian at High Point Hospital, High Point, North Carolina.

B. Quita, b August 8,1925, married Harvey H. Barrineau, Jr., b July 24, 1926, m October 8, 1949. After ten years, they were divorced. They had a daughter, Rebecca Dale, b August 27, 1958. Quita is quite shy, sensitive and holds an idealistic view of the world and becomes unduly frustrated when others fail to measure up to her ideals. She is a graduate of Florida State University, 1947, with a B.S. degree and is a Registered Medical Technologist and has been employed by the Florida State Board of Health in Pensacola, Florida, since graduation. Her daughter, Rebecca is currently attending Pensacola Junior College.

C. Miriam Keba “Pie,” b September 5, 1927, married Cecil Duaine Arnold, April 14, 1951 and they have two children. Miriam graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. degree in 1949 and a M.S. degree in 1972. For 12 years she taught at Pensacola High School and part time at Pensacola Junior College, followed by four years as Administrative Dean at Pensacola High School. Since 1974, she has served as Supervisor for Business Education, Distributive Education and Health Occupations for the Escambia County School Board. Miriam is an independent, maverick type of person who asserted her independence early with a great deal of pain. She is challenged by responsibility and leaves no doubt as to her feelings and positions about people and situations.

a. Cynthia Susan Arnold, b August 3, 1952, attended Florida State University but preferred marriage to graduation. Her marriage to David Glassman ended in divorce with one child, Valerie. Cynthia’s second marriage is to Clyde Jolly, m January 15, 1977. Their first child, Leslie Ann, b October 23, 1977, has defective kidneys. After two major operations, everything seems to have been corrected. Their other daughter, Lerri Suzanne, b May 23, 1979, one month prematurely, spent her first 30 days in the Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola, Florida. She is a real trooper with an I.Q. of 125. Clyde Jolly completed Junior College at San Antonio, Texas, his home town, and is now an electrician for Marathon Oil Company of Louisiana.

b. Cecil Duaine Arnold II, b February 1, 1957, is completing a course in Respiratory Therapy in December 1980. He attended Pensacola Junior College and attended Florida State University. He is a little shy but a down-to-earth type of person.

D. George Norman Campbell, b November 18, 1930, attended Florida State University and Auburn University. On December 20, 1955, he married Barbara Waddell, a graduate of Florida State University, and an Elementary School teacher from Pensacola. Norman has always liked flying and is currently a helicopter pilot. He served as a pilot in the United States Marine Corps where he attained the rank of Captain. Norman and Barbara have five children:

a. Karen Elaine, b October 30, 1956, and is attending Louisiana State University.
b. Scott Craig, b November 29, 1958
c. Sandra Leigh, b January 14, 1962
d. Carol Ann, b August 15, 1963
e. Kimberly Sue, b December 29, 1964



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